Veeder Root Geared Wireline Counter Part Number: 0116425-008

Veeder-Root PN 0116425-008 – Mechanical Counter, 0.5:1 Worm Drive #2 Rotation

Mechanical Veeder-Root products set the industry standard for rugged reliable solutions for piece counting, linear measurement, and position indication. Available in three popular geared ratios, Veeder-Root counters are typically used with measuring wheels to totalize feet, yards, 1/8 yards, or meters.

Veeder Root Mechanical Counters in stock at HeatSource.

veeder root mech counter
Product Specifications
Item Number: 0116425-008
Item – Mechanical Predetermining
Series: 7434
Worm Drive with Wing Nut Reset
Digits: White Text on Black Background
Gearing: 0.5:1
2.7 in x 3.05 in x 6.25 in
Net Weight: 1 lb 9 oz

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