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HeatSource Has The Market’s Best Heat Treating Manufacturers

Through our years of service, HeatSource has hand selected world-class suppliers and reliable manufacturers to provide high-quality products, fast delivery times, and improved ROI on our customer’s projects and MRO requirements.

HeatSource Manufacturer Accutherm


For over 30 years Accutherm has been redefining the tubular heating industry. Boasting a strong foundation on dedication to design and years of experience, Accutherm is commited to offering a valuable quality product.

HeatSource Manufacturer Durakool (now American Electronic Components)

American Electronic Components

For over 75 years Durakool has been providing customers with design, manufacturing, and supllying compnents. Durakool boasts an impressive inhouse engineering facility with the capability to product custom products to meet your needs.

HeatSource Manufacturer Durakool (now American Electronic Components)

AMETEK HDR Power Systems

AMETEK HDR Power Systems offer both SSR and SCR Zero- and Phase-Fired power controllers up to 1200-Amps as well as DC power sources from 50 kW to 1 MW. AMETEK HDR controllers are high quality, industrial grade products that are designed to operate reliably for many years of trouble-free service.

HeatSource Manufacturer Athena


Athena has been a leader in manufacturing temperature and process controls since 1965. Providing quality custom modular products designed to meet the demanding industry applications of today.

HeatSource Manufacturer Benchmark Thermal

Benchmark Thermal

Benchmark Thermal has been an industry leader for over 30 years. Offering a full range of essential heating elements, guarenteed to meet any heater design requirement.

HeatSource Manufacturer Cal


Cal is an industry leader in the single and multi loop controller market. Cal offers high quality products guranteed to meet your needs.

HeatSource Manufacturer Celesco


Celesco is a leading manufacturer of rotary and linear position sensors. Offering a large range of applicatiions from medical equipment to robotic assembly lines.

HeatSource Manufacturer Chromalox


For over 100 years Chromalox has found innovative solutions to industry problems through advance thermal technologies. Chromalox offers the toughest and most advanced industrial heating technologies.

HeatSource Manufacturer Conax


Since 1950 Conax Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of high end RTD”s and thermocouples. Conax products are guranteed to last through tough industry enivornments and remain as staples in the industry today.

HeatSource Manufacturer Convectronics


For over 35 years, Convectronics has been a pioneer in the process heat industry. Offering a large assortment of heating and thermal sensing solutions, Convectronics boasts decades of experience, skill, and quality.

HeatSource Manufacturer Dalton


For almost 100 years Dalton Electric Heating Co. has been a leading manufacturer of industrial heaters. Dalton”s high specialized manufacturing techniques focus on maximizing heat transfer and minimizing cost.

HeatSource Manufacturer Danaher


Danaher is a global science and technology innovator committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving quality of life around the world.

HeatSource Manufacturer Durex


Over the last 40 years, Durex Industries has become a leader in the industrial heater, temperature sensor, and temperature control industries. Through innovative product development, high quality standards, and a continuous process improvement, Durex has found solutions to all of your problems.

HeatSource Manufacturer Dwyer


Since 1931 Dwyer Industries has aimed to offer their customers the best products by maintaining the highest levels of both quality and reliability.

HeatSource Manufacturer Dynapar


Dynapar has been an industry leader in absolute and rotary encoders for over 50 years. Dynapar, Northstar, and Harrowe brands for every encoder application.

HeatSource Manufacturer Eagle Signal

Eagle Signal

Eagle Signal has been a leading supplier of timers for over 70 years. Offering accurate and reliable results in order to enable manufacturers industrial applications.

HeatSource Manufacturer East Coast Sensors

East Coast Sensors

East Coast Sensors is a leading manufacturer of high quality temperature sensors for over 30 years. They are dedicated to offering a personal service with a fast delivery.

HeatSource Manufacturer Eurotherm


Through the use of proprietary fiber optic probes, our high quality dual-beam spectrophotometer and easily integrated software, our systems dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of industrial quality control efforts and compliance requirements.

HeatSource Manufacturer Eurotherm


Over the last 50 years Eurotherm by Schneider Electric have designed cutting edge systems in Precision Process Control. Driven with the goal to enable manufacturers to achieve excellence through their products.

HeatSource Manufacturer EZ Heat


Founded in 1996, Exceltec specializes in assembly line automation and provides process control solutions to the manufacturing industry.

HeatSource Manufacturer EZ Heat

EZ Heat

For over 30 years EZ Heat has been a leading manufacturer of industrial heating elements. From its origins as a small family-owned manufacturer EZ Heat has a strong foundation in offering customers custom products to effieciently fit their needs.

HeatSource Manufacturer Fluke


Fluke offers high quality, maximum impact equipment so that you can work with confidence. Driven to help keep you safe and allow you to succeed.

HeatSource Manufacturer Glo-Quartz


Since 1952 Glo-Quartz has been a leading manufacturer of industrial heating equipment. Glo-Quartz offers custom and replacement heaters with low prices and a superior product.

HeatSource Manufacturer Hanwell


Over the last 30 years Hanwell has found solutions to comprehensive environmental monitoring problems. Hanwell focuses on a strong connection with the customer, to ensure reliable quality solutions.

HeatSource Manufacturer Heat & Sensor

Heat & Sensor

Heat and Sensor Technology has been a leading manufacturer of heaters for over 20 years. With a large expanse of designs guarenteed to meet every customers needs.

HeatSource Manufacturer Heaterco


Heater Co produces many different imersion heaters, extrusion press heaters, and circulation heaters.

HeatSource Manufacturer Heatrex


Heatrex has been an industry leader for over 70 years, with a long history of providing quality products to its customers. By implimenting its Continuous Improvement Process Heatrex produces innovative, efficient, and cost effevitive results.

HeatSource Manufacturer Heatron


Heatron has been a leading manufacturer of electrical and heating components since 1977. They are dedicated to offering high end custom design heating and LED elements.

HeatSource Manufacturer HTS/Amptek


HTS/Amptek is an industry leading high quality manufacturer of flexible electic heaters. Their products are designed with the importance of your productivity and safety goals in mind.

HeatSource Manufacturer Indeeco


Indeeco is the leader in industrial electric heating equipment. Indeeco offers a wide range of electric heating solutions and has ATEX & IECEx certifications.

HeatSource Manufacturer Kanthal


Kanthal is an industry leading buisness in heating technology. Kanthal”s products are based on a long standing tradition of innovation and serve to generate, measure and control heat.

HeatSource Manufacturer Leister


For over 70 years Leister has been an industry leader in the plastic welding, process heat, and laser plastic welding industries. Leister”s focus is on providing new and innovative systems to all of its customers.

HeatSource Manufacturer Master Cast

Master Cast

Since 1969, Master Cast Inc. has become a major supplier to the heat sealing, marine engine, food service, material handling, agrucyktyre, and packaging industries. Offering custom cast-in objects that can be fit to meet your needs.

HeatSource Manufacturer Mercury Displacement Industries

Mercury Displacement Industries

For over 45 years Mercury Displacement Industries Inc. has been providng the mercury type contractors, tilt switches, and liquid level float controls. With a policy focus solely on delivering a quality product MDI Inc. is sure to provide you with the best product available.

HeatSource Manufacturer Mokon


Mokon has been delivering high quality liquid temperature control systems to the industry since 1955. They provided compact, safe, and efficient means to solve you problems.

HeatSource Manufacturer Nexthermal


Nexthermal is an industry leader in the heater industry, dedicated to providing the highest quality product for their customers. Driven by their vision to develop better products, improve efficiency, and evelvate performance Nexthermal has every heater you may need.

HeatSource Manufacturer Ogden


Ogden is the leading provider over the side immersion heaters.

HeatSource Manufacturer Partlow


Partlow Electronic Products specializes in a range of DIN temperature and process controllers which offer PID control.

HeatSource Manufacturer PMA


PMA specializes in digitally operated, closed loop control for industrial application.

HeatSource Manufacturer Pollution Controls

Pollution Controls

Pollution Control Products Co. has been revolutioniziting the oven industry through “”green”” products for over 50 years. PCPC provides safe and clean products which are guaranteed to fit modern clean air emission standards.

HeatSource Manufacturer Quincy Labs

Quincy Labs

Since 1967 Quincy Lab has been a leading producer of lab ovens and incubators. Quincy Lab”s mission is to provide manufacturers with satisfaction and ongoing support.

HeatSource Manufacturer Setra


For over 50 years Setra Systems Inc. has been offering innovative solution for HVAC and building automation. Setra delivers sensing devices for a large range of applications and industries.

HeatSource Manufacturer Slide


Slide Products is an idustry leading producer of steel molds, with a strong commitment to innovation and customer service.

HeatSource Manufacturer Spang Power Electronics

Spang Power Electronics

Spang Power Electronics is a leading supplier of AC and DC Power Control Systems. Since 1953 they have offered the highest quality goods and services to the industry.

HeatSource Manufacturer Steelman


For over 60 years Steelman Industries has been a leader in the heating and electrical controls industries. Steelman has been working to make high quality equipment and provide the best customer service.

HeatSource Manufacturer Stoner


Since 1942 Stoner Inc. has been providing the highest quality cleaners, lubricants, and coatings. With its core values of patience and persistance, Stoner Inc. is driven to ensure that all of its customers are satisfied.

HeatSource Manufacturer Techne


Techne is commited to providing the highest quality products and services. They strive to improve their products each and every day in order to meet all of your needs.

HeatSource Manufacturer Tempco


Tempco has been offering the industries best products and customer service since its founding in 1972. They work tirelessly to improve their products each and every day.

HeatSource Manufacturer Thermal


Thermal Co. aims to provide the best heating products that are at the forefront of modern technology. Along with the goal is to provide the kind of service you will always remember.

HeatSource Manufacturer Thermcraft


Valuing customer service above all else, Thermcraft has been providing high quality thermal processing equipment since 1971. They are constantly expanding their capabilities in order to meet all of the industries needs.

HeatSource Manufacturer Trivolt


Trivolt has the clear goal of “”providing quality heaters and respecting promised delivery dates.”” And by focusing on this goal they have become a leader in the heater industry with a dedicated, experienced, and efficient work force.

HeatSource Manufacturer Tutco


Since 1938, Tutco hasbeen a global leader in the heating component industry. They are manufacturer”s manufacturer, by providing custom designs and products that fit every need.

HeatSource Manufacturer Tutco SureHeat

Tutco SureHeat

Tutco Sureheat provides over 35,000 heaters each day to customers around the world. Founded on a drive for heating innovation, Tutco provides the best open coul heating technology.

HeatSource Manufacturer Veeder Root

Veeder Root

For over 120 year Veed-Root has been a leading suppler of mechanical and electromechanical counters. Offering a large selection garenteed to satisfy all application and control requirements.

HeatSource Manufacturer Viatran


Viatran is an industry leading supplier of high quality pressure transmitters and transducers. They are dedicated to offering an excellent high quality product.

HeatSource Manufacturer Vulcan Electric

Vulcan Electric

Since 1927 Vulcan Electric has been providing high quality heat and temperature products. They deliver cost effective, customized solutions to a wide range of customers.

HeatSource Manufacturer Wattco


Wattco has been manufacturing high quality electric heating products since 1969. They have an uncompromised dedication to their customsers, and offer solutions not just products.

HeatSource Manufacturer Weco


For over 45 years WECO International has been offering specialized high quality heating products. They offer world-class products with the best service and pricing.

HeatSource Manufacturer West


West Control Solutions is a leading supplier of temperature and process controllers. West offers expertise along with a comprehensive and innovative product.

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