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Dynapar AC36 Absolute Encoder AC36

Dynapar AC36 Absolute Encoder AC36 – Absolute Encoder High Resolution Absolute Encoder with BiSS or SSI Options and Wide Temperature Range. The AC36 series utilizes a high speed serial protocol encoder SSI/BISS that provides excellent feedback for demanding motion control applications with high accuracy. The BiSS protocol only require six conductors which helps reduce overall system cost. Dynapar AC36 Absolute Encoder is available through HeatSource.

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Product Specifications
Optical Technology
DISPLAY PPR: 12-22 Bit Single-turn, 12 Bit Multi-turn
DISPLAY Hollow Bore SIZE: 6mm
Approvals / Certifications (Spec): CE, ROHS
Housing Material: Aluminum
SIZE: 38mm
Up to 22 bit Single-turn and 12 bit multi-turn true absolute positioning
Small 38mm diameter housing
Wide -40ºC to +100ºC temperature range

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