Dynapar AG25 Heavy Duty Rate Sensor AG25

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Dynapar AG25 Heavy Duty Rate Sensor AG25

Dynapar AG25 Heavy Duty Rate Sensor AG25 – Incremental Encoders Incremental Encoder Specially Designed for Agriculture, Precision Farming and OHV Applications. The AG25 combines the robust and reliable characteristics of an agricultural rate sensor with the accuracy and resolution of an incremental encoder to generate a precise signal in variable rate applications. Together with magnetic sensing technology, no bearings to wear, corrosion resistant housing and fully potted electronics, the AG25 offers reliable performance and improved machine machine uptime for agriculture and OHV equipment manufacturers. Dynapar AG25 Heavy Duty Rate Sensor is available through HeatSource.

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Product Specifications
Technology: Magnetic
PPR: 180-512 PPR
Shaft / Hollow Bore Size: 1″
Approvals / Certifications (Spec): ROHS
Housing Material: Corrosion resistant polymer
Size: >2.5”
Fully sealed electronics encapsulated with exclusive resin to prevent corrosion
No bearings to wear out, the AG25 uses special self-lubricating bushings that are designed for dusty environments
Automotive grade connector options
1” hubshaft mounting configuration for easy installation

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