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Dynapar E9 Miniature Encoder E9

Dynapar E9 Miniature Encoder E9 – Incremental Encoders 0.9″ Diameter Super Compact Encoder with Line Driver Output and Optional Index. The E9 series incremental optical encoder provides high performance feed-back for precision motion control in a very small package. Its small envelope makes it ideal for instrument axes for position and speed control in mechanisms too small to accept standard encoders. Dynapar E9 Miniature Encoder is available through HeatSource.

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Product Specifications
Technology: Optical
PPR: 100-512 PPR
Shaft / Hollow Bore Size: 1.5mm to 5/32″ Bore
Approvals / Certifications (Spec): CE, ROHS
Housing Material: Plastic
Size: <2.0"
Super-Compact Modular Encoder for Small Servo and Stepper Motor Feedback
Differential Outputs Available
Low-Power Standby Mode is Ideal for Battery Powered Applications

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