Dynapar Encoder S250518-120

Dynapar Encoder S250518-120 – Encoder
For the toughest environments, call on NorthStar heavy-duty encoders. Formerly known as Lakeshore Encoders, NorthStar manufactures innovative and reliable products for measuring speed and position in extreme manufacturing environments. These heavy-duty, mill-duty magneto-resistive incremental encoders; compact and washdown resistant, harsh-duty optical incremental encoders; and pulse tachs are designed to provide rugged, high-performance signals in the harshest situations. When you need high-performance in less than optimal conditions, count on the long-recognized reliability of NorthStar.

Dynapar Encoder is available through HeatSource.

Heatsource inc Dynapar Encoder S250518-120
Product Specifications
Item Number: S250518-120

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