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Electroweld Press Type Projection/Spot Welder 25KVA SP-25PR

Electroweld Press Type Projection/Spot Welder 25KVA SP-25PR – Spot Welder Electroweld Press Type Spot Welder 25KVA @ 50% Duty Cycle (SP-25PR)

Applications: Spot / Projection Welding, Electro-Brazing, Cross Wire Welding, Sheet Metal- 2-ply or Multi-ply, Mark-less Welding, Resistance Heating and Soldering. Capable of Welding Low Carbon Steel,High Carbon Steel,High Strength Steel,Nickel Alloy,High-Temp Alloy,Titanium. Confirmation of weldability of other materials can be provided on request.

Users Include: General engineering work-shops, makers of furniture, electrical instruments, containers, barrels and drums, telephone, radio communication devices, clocks, kitchenware, textile machinery and spares, automobiles, bicycles, motor-cycles, scooters, auto-ancillaries, toys, air-conditioners, refrigerators, transformers, motor, switch gear, etc.

Construction : Heavily fabricated with streamlined appearance, suitably stiffened at points of stress. The transformer is mounted directly on to the body and the bearings for the arm are provided in the same.

Cooling System: Electrodes, Electrode holders secondary water cooled, water required to be free from residue forming impurities and at a temperature of less than 30* C or 85* F. If water temperature is higher, increased water flow is required.

Electrodes: One pair Morse Taper II straight electrodes supplied as standard with the machine, Other types available on request.

Adjustment of Electrode Force : By means of Air Pressure. The electrode force is adjustable adjusted via the Regulating Valve which controls the compressed line air pressure going into the Pneumatic Air Cylinders.

Adjustment of Electrode Stroke: By vertical adjustment of electrode holder.

Standard Pneumatic Air Cylinders: Configurable with 2 positions- extended (welding position) and retracted (part loading position)

Optional Fixed Retractable Pneumatic Air Cylinder:

Configurable with 3 positions:

1. Retracted Load position: In the Load position, the electrodes are as far apart as they can be. This fully open position allows an operator to load large parts in between the electrodes.

2. Weld Ready position: In the Weld Ready position the electrodes are retracted partly. This allows the operator to cycle the welder more quickly, without the electrodes returning their full stroke every weld cycle.

3. Weld position – Fully Extended (welding position) to the maximum stroke of the cylinder

Optional Adjustable Retractable Pneumatic Air Cylinder(dual stroke): Provides the same 3 positions-a retracted position (All the way open), another middle weld ready position (a smaller gap but tips not touching) and then a weld position (tips touching). Additionally the operating weld stroke (distance between the electrode tips when welding) can be adjusted from zero to the maximum stroke of the cylinder. With an adjustable retractable stroke weld cylinder, this Weld Ready position is adjustable. With a fixed retract cylinder, the distance traveled between the Load and the Weld Ready positions is always the same and can not be adjusted.

Current Control: By means of 3/6 tap change links between 50% and 100% also fine setting through controller

Weld Initiation: By means of Foot Switch which initiates the weld only after preset pressure is built up.

Electronic Control:

(A) Thyristorised synchronous electronic sequence timer consisting of: Squeeze, weld, forge, off and heat control unit range 1-99 c/s. This is a standard controller offering.

(B) Solid State – three timers provided for squeeze, weld and forge timings – short range 5 – 50 cycles – long range 1 – 10 seconds (50 to 500 cycles). This is a standard controller offering.

(C) Optional Electroweld AY-01 Digital Timer with capability to store upto 25 different weld schedules. This option will replace the standard controller at an additional cost.

(D) Optional Forwel AK-54V Constant Current Digital Controller with capability to store and recall upto 15 different weld schedules (additional cost). This option will replace the standard controller at an additional cost.

* Galvanized Steel Sheet Spot Welding- Galvanizing is a coating of zinc metal that is applied to the steel when it is manufactured, either in a hot dipped fashion or by electroplating. Zinc, when used as a galvanizing coating, protects steel from rust. Galvanized steel requires about 25% more horse power than non-galvanized steel. Weld time and/or weld power need to be increased to spot weld Galvanized steel. Select a higher KVA machine to account for the increased power requirement for spot welding Galvanized steel. Electroweld Press Type Projection/Spot Welder 25KVA is available through HeatSource.

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Product Specifications
Electroweld Press Type Spot Welder 25KVA @ 50% Duty Cycle (SP-25PR)
(Weldability Sheet Thickness (2 x mm): S.S/M.S Sheet- 0.6mm-3.5mm, 9-23 SWG, 10-24 AWG)
(Weldability Cross Wire/Mesh Application-Wire Diameter (2 x mm): Approx. double the weldability ranges indicated above)
(Weldability S.S/M.S Projection Weld Nut or Weld Bolt on S.S/M.S Sheet with Thickness-1mm-4mm(M): M5-M10)
Power Requirement is 220V AC 50/60Hz or 415V AC 50/60Hz(Price includes customization as per requirement before shipping)
Spot Welders upto 30KVA can operate on either 2 Lines/Phases 220V (+10%/-10%) or 400V (+10%/-10%) 50/60Hz
Spot Welders greater than 30KVA can only operate on 2 Lines/Phases 400V (+10%/-10%) 50/60Hz
Standard Throat Depth for Sheet Spot Welding or Cross Wire or Mesh Projection Spot Welding Application is 18″ or 460mm (Customizable to 12” / 18” / 24” / 30” / 36” / 48” / 60” / 72” at an additional charge)
Standard Throat Depth for Weld Nut and Weld Bolt Projection Welding Application is 10″ or 250mm (Customizable to 8″ / 12” / 18” / 24” at an additional charge)
As Throat Depth increases, the Weld Nut and Weld Bolt Projection Welding Capacity and Spot Welding Capacity decreases for the same KVA Rated Projection Welder. Please contact us for any customization and confirmation of weldability based on your required throat depth.
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