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Electroweld Wire Butt Welder 1KVA MBW-515


Electroweld Wire Butt Welder 1KVA MBW-515 – Butt Welder Applications: Electroweld Wire Butt Welders are specially designed for the wire and cable processing industry. This welder is used for butt welding of ferrous and non-ferrous wires.

Electroweld Micro Wire Butt Welder 1KVA (MBW-515)

Features: These machines are designed as table models and constructed with a particular regard to quick and easy operation. The welding process being automatic requires minimal training for operators and ensures uniform welds of high tensile strength, capable of withstanding subsequent drawing.

Construction The Electroweld Micro Wire Butt Welders are designed as portable models on moveable trolley stand, with spring loaded clamping devices, and foot pedal release Main body, housing the welding transformer, fixed and moveable platens, constructed from light alloy. Each machine is mounted on a wheeled trolley type stand provided with brakes. All machines are equipped with annealing facility.

Upset Travel: Moveable platen travel on two parallel guides of precision design and construction ensuring accurate, frictionless travel and perfect alignment of the Weld.

Upset Pressure: Provided by a precision spring action on the moveable platen, pre-calibrated at the factory

Electrodes: Special wear resistant copper alloy electrodes provided with precision”V”grooves, permit rapid and accurate alignment of wires.

Clamps: Copper alloy clamps of precision quick acting design ensure fixed clamping of wires.

Variation of Initial Upset Gap: Obtained by setting of a calibrated cam mounted on the fixed platen and acting on a stop fitted on the moveable platen

Weld Current Adjustment: Adjustment of welding current by 8 position rotary switch.

Weld Current Initiation: Automatic, current make and break via incorporated magnetic contactor. Current initiation effected by a manual push button fitted on one side of the fixed platen and current cut off effected automatically in relation to the preset upsetting distance Separate annealing electrodes for annealing of the welded wire is provided.

Weld Current Cutoff: Effected automatically in relation to the preset upsetting distance.

Magnifying Glass and Lamp Assembly: Available as standard optional extra, to ensure visibility of thin wires for correct spacinq of the wire ends and prooer overhang from the electrodes.The entire assembiy, mounted on a vertical post at the rear of the machine, can be moved up and down and swivelled.

Annealing Facility: Separate annealing electrodes for annealing of the welded wire provided as a standard feature.

Shearing Attachment: Shearing attachment to prepare the wire ends in the range specified, available as standard optional extra.

Trolley Stand: Wheeled trolley available as optional extra.

Welding Process

-The ends of the wires to be joined are ‘prepared’ on the special shearing attachment (optional).

-Welding current and initial up-set gap set according to the size of wire, the up-setting pressure being preset at the factory.

-The wire ends are rigidly clamped by special quick acting clamps and viewed through an illuminated magnifying glass (optional), to ensure correct alignment of the wire ends.

-By pushing the button, butt welding cycle is initiated and completed automatically by built-in controls.

-Weld completed, the job is then de-clamped and annealed in the annealing device (optional), if necessary. Electroweld Wire Butt Welder 1KVA is available through HeatSource.

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Product Specifications
Electroweld Micro Wire Butt Welder 1KVA (MBW-515)
Weldability – Diameter – 0.5mm-1.5mm.
Weldability – Cross-Sectional Area – 0.2mm²-1.77mm².
Weldability – Welding Range – 24-15 AWG.
Weldability – Welding Range – 25-17 SWG.
Weldable Materials: Iron, Steel, Nickel
Power Requirement is 220V AC 50/60Hz or 415V AC 50/60Hz (Price includes customization as per requirement before shipping)
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