Stoner Fluoroelastomer Mold Release A373

Stoner Fluoroelastomer Mold Release A373 – Fluoroelastomer Mold Release
Stoner® A373 Fluoroelastomer™ Mold Release is a semi-permanent, fast curing release for fluorels, vitons and other fluorocarbons. A373 is specially formulated as a long lasting, non-transferring release agent and anti-stick mold coating for molded fluoroelastomers and similar materials. Provides a permanent yet removable, thin-layer, anti-stick mold surface coating for fast, easy part removal from molds. A single application will allow multiple molding cycles. When the mold eventually begins to stick, often the sticking area alone can be “touched-up” quickly and allow continued molding with minimal production delay. Improves molding efficiency in many processes including injection, compression, and transfer molding.

Stoner Fluoroelastomer Mold Release is available through HeatSource.

Heatsource inc Stoner Fluoroelastomer Mold Release A373
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Item Number: A373

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