Experience a New Level of Flexibility

Not all HVAC projects or job sites are the same. Installation flexibility is a huge advantage when installing duct heaters in pre-existing forced air applications. To eliminate ordering confusion and costly mistakes, TUTCO developed the popular E-Series flip-able duct heater. E-Series Flip-able heaters are ideal for primary and supplemental heating zones. Contractors appreciate the versatility of the E-Series duct heaters. Its flip-able design allows for the heater to be flipped 180° and/or rotated 180°, eliminating the need for right and left-hand versions. Installation flexibility gives the contractor peace of mind knowing one they have ordered a product that can be installed around unforeseen job site obstacles.

E-Series  Flip-Able Duct Heaters

Tutco's 75-year history of designing advanced heating elements has resulted in a quality duct heater that offers higher duct to heat coverage and has more kilowatt options in all sizes. Expedited options are available.

Tutco's Heaters are bot UL and ETL listed. This means that they have been tested at the ETL laboratories and the Underwriters Laboratories and found to meet all applicable Standards for Safety. This combined with the improved performance by less coil glow, and reduced radiant loss makes for a longer life of the heater. The E-Series also offers lower standard heater wire watt density and higher duct to heat coverage.

These Duct heaters have a Flip-Able Design by being a symmetrically designed heater. This allows for the heaters to be able to have six mounting positions with vertical up and downflow. The E-Series can be rotated to fit the requirements and location of the HVAC system.

Duct Heater Customizations

The E-Series has many options and Accessories. They can have Fan Interlock, Time Delay, Pilot Lights, Vapor Barrier, Dust Tight, VFC, A-Wire, Wall Thermostat, Duct Probe Sensors and more options. One of the more common options is an Airflow Switch. This is an air pressure device designed to disable the heater when the system has no or low airflow.

Power Fusing is available for less than 48A, required for over 48A which allows for outdoor use. These panels are UL listed for and are designed for Zero Clearance.

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