Optimal Mold Release

Mold release agents are a fundamental part of the manufacturing process but are rarely acknowledged for the value they create. Yet, the right release agent can combat sticking parts, cracking, build-up, excess release transfer that impacts part appearance, and other common production challenges. Removing these challenges increases uptime and overall productivity, reduces scrap cost, and eliminates many late shipments.

Mold Release Made Easy

Mold Release Solutions

Stoner Molding Solutions, offers a full suite of parts molding release agents for the thermoplastics, polyurethane, composites, and rubber industries. The formulations are designed to optimize your molding operations and production processes to significantly improve your bottom line. Stoner’s PhD chemists and molding experts see every process as unique and will work directly with your team to find a customized solution.


Offline mold release solutions are for mold that is at room temperature. These solutions have a lower evaporation time than their online counterparts. This allows for the solution to be able to wipe away with a rag or let the solution evaporate by itself.


Online mold release solutions are for mold that would be on the line and still be heated. These have to be specially formulated to take longer to evaporate than the offline counterparts since the increase in heat causes the agent to evaporate at a quicker rate.

The correct release agent can help reduce costs for production. With specific formulations for molding operations and production processes, these solutions help to decrease overhead and more expensive maintenance tasks. Whether needing an offline solution with no heat or an online solution being used in the heating production line, there are options to make manufacturing processes more efficient.

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