Clean Steam and Pure Steam from Electric Boiler Heaters

One of the best heat carriers in process industries is Steam. It’s used for everything from cooking, space heating, to sterilization, and medicine. Today, clean Steam and pure Steam is seeing bigger demand. Creating clean or pure Steam is possible with modern electric boiler heaters, but it requires the right applications, water purity, and usage. However, not all Steam is created equal. Low-grade Steam carries more contaminants, meaning this heating process is a poor choice for processes in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries. Purer Steam presents fewer microbes, making it much more appropriate for tasks like sterilization.

Clean Steam and Pure Steam from Electric Boiler Heaters

Three Types of Steam & Application

Pure Steam

Pure Steam is the highest grade of steam purity uses a stainless boiler and requires double osmoses water. This comes at the highest cost but mandatory for processes that require absolute sterile conditions like autoclaves for sterilization used in biotech and pharmaceutical industries. This also requires stainless steel heaters and distribution. Stainless steel is more corrosion and contaminant resistant.

Clean Steam

Clean Steam, otherwise known as process steam, is a mid-grade steam because it uses demineralized or osmoses water. Clean enough to produce sterile products common in the pharmaceutical, lab, healthcare, and food & beverage industries. This requires stainless steel heaters and distribution.

Plant or Industrial Steam

The lowest grade of Steam, industrial Steam, is the most economical to produce but has the lowest purity. Sufficient for indirect applications but not for sensitive medical or pharmaceutical products as it can contaminate them. Typically they can use lower grades of steel in tubing and vessels.

Steam Generation Processes

Quality is considered in all steam generation processes. The best practice is to keep it clean enough to avoid corrosion. 2 factors to focus on are the boiler heater itself and the feed water.

Boiler Heater

Boiler heaters are the critical component of steam generation. Applying the appropriate temperature and pressure for clean Steam and pure Steam makes it essential to choose the right heater.

Electric Boiler Heaters

Electric boiler heaters are the best place to look for providing greener energy consumption and a cleaner process. Combustion heaters can produce more contaminates.

Electric heaters provide direct heat and can achieve high-temperatures both efficiently and with a substantial degree of accuracy. Combining an electric boiler heater with sensors and digital control panels can further boost their accuracy.

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