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Dynapar H42 Shafted Encoder H42

Dynapar H42 Shafted Encoder H42 – Incremental Encoders Size 25 Shafted Encoder with Standard Square Flange, Quadrature Differential Line Driver Output. The Series H42 encoder is an economical, rugged, general-purpose, optical encoder that generates an accurate pulse output proportional to shaft rotation. Dynapar H42 Shafted Encoder is available through HeatSource.

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Product Specifications
Technology: Optical
PPR: 1-600 PPR
Shaft / Hollow Bore Size: 3/8″
Approvals / Certifications (Spec): CE, ROHS
Housing Material: Aluminum
Size: 2.5″
Simplified Economical Design
Unbreakable Code Disc
Rugged Cast Aluminum Housing

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