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Tutco’s Mineral Insulated (MI) Heater Bands, also known as “Better Bands” are typically used and ideal for industrial facilities needing to maintain the viscosity of liquefied plastic pellet material with consistent higher temperatures throughout the manufacturing process. Mineral Insulated Heater Bands reduce costs and increase performance while controlling moisture on ancillary systems. The construction, coupled with the high watt density capabilities, make the Mineral Insulated Heater Bands an obvious choice for the band heater applications. Additional Industries that can benefit from Tutco’s Mineral Insulated (MI) Heater Bands include Chemical industries, Fuel cell testing, Scientific, laboratory, and testing equipment.

Mineral Insulated (MI) Heater Bands

You can expect better performance from your band heater! These Tutco MI Better Band products are perfect for applications needing reliability in high process temperatures. The Mineral Insulated (MI) Heater Bands, with Alumina Oxide insulation, has a high watt density of 80W/in2 Max. Being made within the United States, the Better Bands are made with very high-quality materials. These can maintain temperatures as high as 1400ºF (760ºC).

With Tutco, you get options, options, options. We can quote your needs with any special requirements you might have. Lead options include near gap, capped, same side, opposite sides, 90 degree cap, and more. Screw Terminals Near Gap or Screw Terminals Opposite Gap. Leads can include Plain Leads, Sleeving for thermal protection, Stainless Steel Braid, Stainless Steel Armor, or even a Standard Terminal Box.

Shapes can include Special with Holes, Special with Cutout, Reverse Band, Notched Band, Fully Notched Band, and even Rectangular Band.

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